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  Adhesive Bonding and Assembly

Advanced Aerostructures, in compliance with industry standards and specifications, uses adhesive bonding technology to join together metals and dissimilar materials for military and commercial aircraft parts. Wear strips, vibration dampening bushings, and replaceable liners are a few of the many applications of adhesive bonding that we specialize in. Our bonding consist mainly of structurally supported film adhesives and one-to-two component paste adhesives.

Advanced Aerostructures is experienced in providing high quality metal to metal bonds in a variety of parts varying from flight-safety to non-structural parts.

Teflon and Rulon Bonding

Because of their low coefficient of friction and non-stick qualities, Teflon and Rulon have become the go-to materials for aerospace components in the application of gaskets and seals. Teflon and Rulon offer unbeatable resistance to extreme temperatures, deterioration, chemical exposure, and stress related cracking and fractures. Due to these qualities, Teflon and Rulon require specific surface preparation and careful bonding techniques. Advanced Aerostructures specializes in custom pressure-sensitive tooling enabling high quality durable bonds.
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