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  Nomex and Aluminum Honeycomb Core Bonding

Honeycomb core Honeycomb core construction utilizes low weight and high in-plane bending stiffness to provide light-weight highly durable shelving, flooring, and panel construction. Furthermore, honeycomb core is used to increase structural support in assemblies such as hydraulic reservoirs. The sandwich structure consists of thin or stiff face-sheets made from either metal or composites which are separated by light-weight Nomex or Aluminum core. Delamination or dis-bond of face-sheets from the honeycomb can lead to a complete failure of the assembly. Thus the nature and the quality of bonding between the face-sheet and the core is an important design criterion for sandwich-structures. Advanced Aerostructures ensures the completeness of the core to face sheet bonds with the use of verifilm, destructive tests, and 100% non-destructive testing.
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